Jackie O'Brien
Therapeutic Counsellor and

Therapeutic Play practitioner
The Oak Therapy Room
Bridgwater Somerset

Young People and Childrens Counselling 
Therapeutic Play

Counselling and Therapeutic Play are offered in a confidential and secure environment.  If you are feeling sad, depressed or have mental health concerns, you can start to explore why, enabling you to move towards a greater sense of well-being. 
Working at your pace, involves developing a trusting relationship.  This relationship will enable us to explore how you are feeling in a supportive and non-threatening way. 

Sometimes emotions feel so big they become overwhelming. In the safe environment of the Oak Therapy Room, I will be able to support you and help you make sence of those feelings.  If you are not able to give a name to how you are feeling, working in a creative way may help you put words to the unknown.    

There will be a variety of  resourses for you to explore, such as paint's, clay, games, sand tray and puppets.  Finding one you enjoy creating with may help begin your journey into a better understanding of your emotional self.